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The Gujranwala Legal Aid and Educational Society, Gujranwala took up a project with missionary zeal and started a Law College in 1988. The project was put on wheels and with the grace of God Almighty, along with the honest efforts put by our respectable faculty members, with the dynamic leaderships of our worthy Principal and good wishes of our well-wishers all around us and the hard working staff members, we can proudly claim that we have surpassed all the barriers and are now on smooth track which will lead us to ultimate success and glory. This fact has evidently been proved by our annual results of our college, maintenance of discipline, participation in sports and other co-curricular activities.

The ground reality is that we are living an global village and the responsibilities are multi­dimensional. While upholding the Islamic Value, we have to earnestly adopt a path co­ordinating our traditions with the latest but solid approaches in many spheres of life including education, technology, business and globalized psyche. We are honestly striving for the attainment of this aim and a respectable participation of our beloved country in the community of nations.


So our main stress is to inculcate balanced education among students and resultantly justice for all, rule of law, respect for all from all types of exploitation, so that Pakistan become a welfare state in true sense.

As Quaid Said:

"Islam and its idealism have taught democracy. Islam has taught equality, justice and fair play to everybody. What reason is there for any one to fare democracy, equality, freedom on the highest standard of integrity and on the basis of fair play and justice for every body."

January 25,1948 at Karachi.


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