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The educational year starts after declaration of B.A., B.Sc, or B. Com result as prescribed by University of the Punjab.

Tutorial Work: Special attention is paid to the tutorial work in small seminar classes to promote contact between the students and the teachers to encourage discussion on problems relating to different subject. Attendance in Tutorials is compulsory and absence is punishable with a fine of Rs. 1 /- for each occasion.

The Examination: The Examination of LL.B. Part I, II & III will be held by University of the Punjab twice a year and the students are permitted to appear in the relevant examinations subject to the followings Rules :

66% regular attendance is essential.
Candidates with less than 66% attendance shall be debarred from taking the annual examination.
A students must have cleared all dues of the institution to become eligible for taking the examination.
All forms, documents and dues must be submitted within the prescribed period.
Guest Speakers: To supplement the efforts of the teachers, the college invites for talks and lectures, scholars and notable personalities from different walks of life.

Law Moots: In order to impart practical training to the students, regular Law Moots are held . Special Law Moots on different topics are also held.

Seminars: Seminars are conducted on regular basis on various legal topics. Jurists, Advocates, teachers and students from other Law College are to speak / participate.

Revision Workshops: Revision workshops are held on selected subject towards the end of a regular session.

Visits: The Law Moot committee arranges visits, under the supervision of a teacher, to High Court and other Courts in small batches of students. The students visiting a court are required to submit a repot. Principal through the teacher in-charge, The Report should contain the points at issue, the position taken by the parties, the comments, if any, of the Presiding Judge, and the analysis of the case by the student. The best reports, pertaining to each part, are awarded prizes at the conclusion of academic year.

Debates and Declamation: Student are encouraged to take part in the debates and declamations which are arranged by the College of by any other Initiation.

Tests and Examination: To follow up the academic progress of the student, different assignments, class tests, mid term and final term house examination are held. The college may with hold the University Examination form of a student, for reasons of poor attendance, of disciplinary action against him, non payment of the outstanding dues, or non appearance / failure in the "college Send-up examination", or for any other reasonable cause.

Book Bank: The College maintains a sufficiently stocked book bank consisting of text books. The student may have the opportunity to benefit from the book bank facility.

Teacher's Guidance: Student are encouraged to develop a flare for research. Student are provided assistance in this regard. The Members of the faculty are available to conducting research on any important topic.

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