About Us

Islamic Teaching

Students are taught that religion is th essence of life, code of conduct & mode of living.
They are imbibed with the religious principles in such a manner that they became the
part of their character.

Ideology Teaching

It is instilled in the minds of the students that they are Pakistani, whose forefathers
got this country with great efforts and sacrifices. They are required to be good citizens,
who live in harmony with their fellow beings, strong or weak. They are made conscious
about their rights, obligations and duties.

Character Building

A person’s character has to be shaped and developed because he/she is influenced by
his/her surroundings, by the people he/she comes in contact with and the institutions
where he/she studies. We provide the right atmosphere to nourish his/her character
with solid ethical principles, good conduct, self reliance, self control, kindness and
charity. We help the students to become an active, dutiful and responsible citizens.
We educate students to think critically and independently to explore new ideas
and avenues to legal knowledge.